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Find weed in Salzburg:

“Salt Castle” is the meaning of the name Salzburg (Latin: Salis Burgium). The name comes from the salt-carrying boats on the Salzach River, which had to pay a toll in the 8th century, as was usual for many municipalities and cities along European rivers. Salzburg is Austria’s fourth and, arguably, most attractive city. The city is full of palaces to explore from a lofty vantage point. Hence getting little weed, you’ll have a great time in Salzburg. Read Four Twenty Avenue to get an exclusive guide and tips on cannabis in Salzburg.

Cannabis laws in Austria – Cannabis in Salzburg

Austria is a rather moderate and forward-thinking nation in Europe. It should thus not be surprising that there are not many strict cannabis restrictions. However, be aware that Salzburg’s police and residents might not be as understanding as those in Vienna. Since 2016, Austria no longer criminalizes the possession of small quantities of cannabis. This indicates that the only payment you may make is a fine. However, it is up to the authorities in Salzburg to determine what constitutes a modest amount for personal possession, so how you behave and how the weed is package is crucial. Even if each baggie contains only a little amount of cannabis, avoid carrying several of them.

It’s critical to remember that, despite Austria’s high level of tolerance for marijuana, the drug is still illegal. Try to refrain from smoking weed in public to avoid the fines, which may be rather expensive in Salzburg.

How and Where to get weed in Salzburg, Austria

If you don’t know anybody in Salzburg, getting weed might be rather challenging. Cannabis culture is not particularly flourishing there and the city is not very big. Unmature seeds and plants are available for purchase. Although there are numerous home growers, most of them only sell to their close friends and seldom to tourists. You will need to hunt for a street drug dealer if no local can assist you in finding weed in Salzburg. Late at night, near the station, and around the bridges is where you may find them. However, the cannabis is of poor quality, and high chances of you being rip off by street dealers.

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