Buying Weed in Geneva, Switzerland

Find Weed in Geneva:

Have you ever thought about going to a stunning city that is located in Lake Geneva and is bordered by the Alps? Since French culture has had an impact the city, it’s typical to find bohemian areas like Carouge. The excitement of city exploration might endure for days. If you enjoy smoking weed, Geneva will instantly win your heart. Continue reading for details on where to buy and how to find weed in Geneva.

Cannabis Law in Switzerland – Cannabis laws in Geneva

Is cannabis or weed legal in Geneva. Despite being very lenient, buying weed remains illegal in Geneva. Nearly every tobacco shop sells low-THC joints, but since they contain less than 1% THC, they won’t make you feel high. Although unlawful, legal cannabis is decriminalize. You will only receive a fine of 100 Swiss Francs if you are in possession of less than 10 grams of weed. In general, if you simply smoking a joint of weed in Geneva and aren’t dealing, the cops don’t really care. Just be careful not to overdo it.

There has been several attempts to legalize recreational cannabis in Switzerland, and it is very likely that this will happen in the future. There is still a lot of work on that, and it will certainly take years, but one day we will be smoking and buying THC weed while visiting Geneva.

How and Where to get weed in Geneva, Switzerland

It’s really easy to buy weed in Geneva. Simply stroll through the city’s main parks and you will often come across weedy odors. Young people often smokes weed there. Politely approach them and enquire if they can assist. Also few dealers out there are eager to sell their pots. However going to Parc La Grange and Parc de St Jean are your best option of buying weed in Geneva. But be cautious since the authorities are targeting those areas, and recently, several dealers have been caught. When buying on the streets, always check the weed before and never give them money upfront.

Prices of Weed in Geneva:

Prices for good quality weed start around 20 CHF per gram. The problem with buying weed in Geneva is that street vendors will not only sell small quantity. Be ready to deal with them according to their respective minimum order quantity. If you’re looking for hash, Geneva has several strains. The cost of top-quality Moroccan hashish begins at 8 CHF a gram, and it provides an incredible high feeling.

Kindly share your experience on how you managed to buy weed in Geneva in the comment below.

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