Buying Weed in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Find Weed in Sao Paulo:

There is a very good possibility that, if you ever find yourself traveling across Brazil, you’ll stop at Sao Paulo. The city is a financial hub for Brazil and is famous for its enormous population. The neo-gothic architecture and culture of the city are popular with tourists. Is there a better way to discover this lovely city than getting some weed? In this piece, we’re going to go into more depth on where to get and how to buy weed in Sao Paulo. Continue reading and stick with Four Twenty Avenue for more information!

Cannabis laws in Brazil- Cannabis laws in Sao Paulo

Is it legal to buy weed in Sao Paulo. Brazil strongly forbids any cannabis-related activities. Although cannabis has become common in Brazil, it is still a prohibited plant, despite the country’s numerous initiatives to make it legal. When it comes to any cannabis-related activities, police officers are quite stringent, and if you’re a tourist, you’re a special target for them. You should be aware that the bulk of the police are corrupt there, so you may anticipate a difficult time if you find yourself in possession of enough marijuana to roll one joint. Be ready to buy an officer off. If you have a lot of you, you may get into a lot of problems, and trust us when we say that you absolutely do not want to end yourself in a Brazilian prison when buying weed in Sao Paulo.

How and Where to buy weed in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Your best option to buy top shelf weed in Sao Paulo is to search tourist attractions or hostels. You’ll undoubtedly come across someone who smokes or who can put you in touch with someone. The other, riskier method is to search favelas. Also other, riskier option is to check at Rua Augusta. Rua Augusta pulses as the main São Paulo’s nightlife scene, and you’ll find a carnivalesque atmosphere almost every night of the week. You can actually buy weed on every corner in Rua Augusta, in Sao Paulo. But there is a high likelihood that you’ll be rob or walk into cops. Although it’s not advisable, a lot of visitors do it every day with no issues.

Cannabis Prices in Sao Paulo

You can buy practically any type of weed or hash in Sao Paulo. However prices varies based on your connections and the quality of the marijuana. The most frequent price for a gram of high-quality marijuana is $15. The greatest deal is to buy medium-quality cannabis for roughly $8 per gram.

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  1. It was kinda hell before when I got here until I met this guy at the hotel who gave me this dude contact his weed were pretty cool like ones from Cali. I was forced to asked him about the weed after trying them, he is a very open minded person. He had other stuffs too that which I won’t mention here, you can reach him at ” [email protected] “

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