Buying Weed in Seville, Spain

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If you are planning a trip to Sevilla and wondering if it is possible to buy weed in Seville, then hassle no more.
The capital of the Andalusia area and the fourth-largest city in Spain is Seville, or Sevilla. The city has a lengthy history that dates back to the Roman era. It has a lovely historic town that is wonderful to wander after a few joints. Seville boasts one of the warmest temperatures in all of Spain, making the spring and fall the best times to visit. Read on to know more about cannabis laws and how to get weed in Seville.

Cannabis laws in Spain – Cannabis in Seville

Is buying weed in Seville legal. The drug laws in Spain are fascinating. Since marijuana is legal to cultivate and smoke at home, only public areas are subject to drug regulations. It is often safe to carry a little amount of weed with you, and it is not common to see individuals smoking it in public places like parks or in front of clubs. However, it is unlawful to do it in public; therefore, if you are detected, your marijuana may be taken away from you or you may be fined. Numerous Spanish localities have cannabis clubs as a result of legal loopholes. Hence you can easily buy weed in one of those cannabis clubs in Seville. They are comparable to coffee cafes in the Netherlands, except entry requires membership.

Where and How to buy weed in Seville, Spain

Relative to other Spanish cities, Seville might be challenging for stoners to buy weed. Look around the city center or any area where there are a lot of visitors because drug dealers frequently operate there. You could also have a look at the Alameda district. There aren’t many tourists there, but it has a hip local atmosphere. Hash costs approximately 7 euros per gram in Seville in comparison to weed’s about 8-10 euro price per gram. Both products’ quality might change depending on the dealer.

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