Buying Weed in Vilnius, Lithuania

Find Weed in Vilnius:

With a population of more than 570 000, Vilnius is both the capital and biggest city of Lithuania. Riga is the largest city in the Baltic nations. The city is famous for its exquisite construction. UNESCO chose Vilnius’s old town as a world historic site. The regulations in Lithuania involving cannabis are now rather stringent, however this may change in the future since the public and certain officials advocate legalization. Four Twenty Avenue enables you to know more about cannabis and how to buy weed in Vilnius. Read on!

Cannabis Laws in Lithuania

Is buying weed legal in Vilnius. Cannabis is technically illegal in Lithuania under the present law. The only plant that can be use industrially is hemp. Additionally, there is no program for marijuana for use in medical purposes. Even a modest amount of marijuana intended for personal use is illegal to possess and, theoretically, is punishable by imprisonment. Hence making it practically very difficult to buy weed in Vilnius. If you simply have a little amount of marijuana on you, it is doubtful that you will receive anything more severe than a fine and maybe a single night in jail. If you are cultivating or selling cannabis, you run a high risk of going to prison.

In general, it’s better to avoid smoking marijuana in public when visiting Lithuania. Also avoid buying weed in public places in Vilnius. Right now, the laws are rather strict. However, there is a lot of discussion about decriminalizing marijuana, so things might change soon.

How and Where to buy weed in Vilnius, Lithuania

Even for natives, buying weed in Vilnius may be exceedingly challenging. Marijuana is largely identify negatively by the public, and few individuals actually use it. However asking young individuals, ideally college students, where to get pot is the best course of action. You must be cautious even among young people since not all of them consume or have a favourable opinion about marijuana. A gram of weed costs 15 euros in Vilnius, and the grade might vary greatly.

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