Cannabis in Belfast, Northern Ireland

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Belfast is Northern Ireland’s capital. It was the birthplace of the RMS Titanic, which famously struck an iceberg and sunk in 1912. Besides Belfast is still a port with commercial and industrial docks, including the Harland & Wolff shipyard, dominating the Belfast Lough shoreline. It also has a major aerospace industry. That is two airports: George Best Belfast City Airport, 3 miles (5 kilometres) from the city centre. And aslo Belfast International Airport 15 miles (24 kilometres) west of the city.
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Cannabis Laws in Ireland

Cannabis containing THC is currently illegal in Ireland. As a medical patient, you may be permitted to obtain a prescription for medical cannabis under either the MCAP programme or a Ministerial Licence. Cannabis obtained without a prescription remains illegal under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1977.
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Where to get weed in Belfast

Beware that Cannabis products in Belfast are not legal in the UK and Northern Ireland. Hence it’s a class b drug and could net you 5 years in prison. But still you’ll have no problem getting hooked up if you go to Bridges (Belfast skatepark) in the evening and have a session with the locals. However you can also try your luck by asking a random dude that looks like a stoner, if they’ve got weed on them. Hence start up a reasonable conversation with them and ask. However you need to be discreet while doing all these. But it is abvious a friendly stoner will definitely source you out with some top shelf which is pretty expensive.
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