EstoniaPopular Cannabis Spots

EstoniaPopular Cannabis Spots

Estonia Popular Cannabis Spots

Estonia has a positive and progressive approach towards marijuana. The laws are not so strict in comparison with neighboring European countries.

Recreational marijuana is illegal in Estonia but has been partly decriminalized. This means if you are found in possession of the maximum amount of 7.5grams for personal use, you will not face criminal charges. It is often waive as a misdemeanor and you will instead be fined a sum ranging from €800-1,000. On the other hand, possessing large amounts of cannabis with the aim of marketing, transporting or trafficking is a felony. Victims are handed prison sentences with a minimum of 3 years.
Smoking in public is also a criminal charge with defaulters facing fines as with possession.
On the medical front, the use of cannabis based products medically is legal as long as patients have certified proof of prescriptions. If found possessing medical cannabis without your prescription, the police will fine you for possession.

All in all, the liberal approach towards cannabis in Estonia has made it one of the most widely used narcotics by young people in the country. This does not imply you can go about buying or smoking weed anywhere. The fines are hefty and will ruin your vacation. If you are to smoke, stick to your hotels, homes or secluded areas of parks. In general use your commonsense and you are safe from the book.

Find weed in Tallinn

Though there is a wide availability of marijuana in Tallinn, it can be difficult to access especially to visitors. Your best bet is to get a hookup dealer who can bring you good quality cannabis. Otherwise, check out the parks in the city and you will easily spot teenagers smoking weed or visit the Old Town where street dealers are sometimes roaming around looking to sell. The weed in Tallinn is usually of good quality and prices vary with each dealer but are generally high on average.

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