Get Cannabis in Linz, Austria

Find Cannabis in Linz:

Linz may not be Austria’s most populous or popular city, but it has a lot to offer visitors. Although the architecture is comparable to that of Vienna, Linz has a quite different atmosphere.
Linz, despite its modest size, is home to a large number of students, which means there is a vibrant nightlife and a variety of activities for young people. Hence making it easy to get cannabis in Linz.
Although cannabis is prohibited in Austria, it is nonetheless commonly consumed and very easy to obtain. You’ll have to rely on street dealers if you don’t know anyone to buy weed in Linz, which can be a pain.
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Cannabis laws in Austria

Despite the fact that Austria is a rather free country, cannabis remains illegal in Linz. Also the possession of cannabis for personal use is, nonetheless, legal.

This implies that if you are caught with cannabis in Linz and the police determine that you are not a dealer based on the circumstances, you will simply face a fine or admission to a rehabilitation program.
The regulations for sale and cultivation are more stringent, and you could face prison time. Weed is getting increasingly popular in Austria in general, but it is still banned. As a result, it is preferable not to smoke in public areas and to be discreet.

How and Where to get cannabis in Linz

The Donaupark and the Bauernberg Park are two notable spots to get cannabis in Linz. If you stroll around, you’ll usually find either dealers or teenagers smoking weed. The dealers will give you a nod and approach you if you return the nod.
You can also inquire with teens, as the majority of them either have weed or know where to obtain weed in Linz.
The grade of marijuana varies from one dealer to the next, although it is usually not very good.
Typically, 10 euros per gram is charged. To avoid being taken advantage of, always inspect the weed before paying.

Kindly share your opinion on how you managed to get cannabis in Linz in the comment below.

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