Get Weed in Acharnes, Greece

Acharnes is a suburb of Athens, Greece. It is the most populous municipality in East Attica. The city and the region are famous in Greece for its bustling nightlife. Smoking weed while exploring the ancient ruins and shores as well as chilling on the beach while high is quite an amazing experience. However cannabis is illegal in Greece and the laws are quite strict as well. Getting weed in Acharnes can be quite hard for visitors. Read on for our guide to cannabis in Acharnes.

Cannabis Laws in Greece- Cannabis laws in Acharnes

Is weed legal in Acharnes. Weed in Greece is illegal for recreational purposes. In 2017, the Greek government legalized the use of weed for medical purposes, and a year later, they lifted the ban on growing or producing it. This enables pharmaceutical companies to grow weed legally, and industrial hemp suppliers too.
Greek drug laws have become tolerant. Hence the minimum sentence for weed possession in Acharnes has reduced to 5 months.
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How and Where to get weed in Acharnes, Greece

Despite the strict regulations, you can still come across weed in Greece, particularly in Acharnes. Having said that, it might be really difficult to obtain cannabis if you do not know any locals in Acharnes. However you’ll have a better view of more popular locations like Athens and Mykonos. Ask any of the locals working at hotels and restaurants if you don’t have the chance to visit any of those locations; they might be able to set you up.

Price of weed and hash in Acharnes, Greece: The prices of weed in Acharnes depend on a lot on where you get your weed from exactly. Generally, you can expect to pay between 10-15 euros per gram but as a tourist, you will pay more. Also hash is cheaper option, ranges between 5-8 Euros per gram depending on the season.

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