Get Weed in Ioannina, Greece

Set on the western shore of the lovely Lake Pamvotis. Ioannina is one of northern Greece’s most atmospheric cities, and one of its more cultured and wealthy, as it was famous throughout the Ottoman Empire for its silver artisans. The walls of its old fortified city, the Kastro, enclose a tranquil quarter, spiked with minarets, and an island in the lake is a quiet, car-free escape. At sunset the lake turns silver and the impressive mountains behind turn lilac. Ioannina is a beautiful place in every season, and worth at least a couple of days in a larger tour of Epiros. Many Athenians visit as a romantic long weekend away. It’s one of Greece’s most important centers for cannabis culture.
Continue reading to learn important details about cannabis laws and using weed in Ioannina, Greece.

Cannabis Laws in Greece- Cannabis laws in Ioannina

Is weed legal in Ioannina. Greece used to be pretty strict when it came to marijuana, but recently it seems to have softened up a bit. Cannabis cultivation, usage, and possession are all prohibited. However, there is a distinction drawn between possession and usage for personal purposes. The likelihood of being in trouble and having to appear in court if you are found in possession of a few grams, but you will often receive a fine. Depending on the officer, there’s also a potential that the cops will just take the marijuana and let you go. This calls for caution and a prohibition on smoking weed in public areas in Ioannina.

Greece legalized medical marijuana in 2017. This demonstrates that the nation is moving in the right direction toward legalizing marijuana. However, a lot of efforts toward cannabis legalization in Ioannina would need to put in place.
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Where and How to get weed in Ioannina, Greece

There is no one spot you should go to find weed since the rules are so severe and the authorities are working so hard to eradicate it in Ioannina. Since Ioannina is so close to Albania, a lot of weed travels through the city. That’s fantastic news for smokers because Albanian marijuana isn’t the greatest in the world. Even if it’s schwag, you can still get high from it.

Knowing locals or simply spending time in the pubs where the younger crowd congregates are your best bets for getting decent weed in Ioannina. Simply ask them, but be really nice, and they will likely assist you or point you in the correct direction.

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