Get weed in Toulon, France

Find weed in Toulon

Toulon is a port city located on the Mediterranean coast of France and it is known for being a huge Navy hub in France. Capital of the Var region, Toulon is a famous port and has been a summer retreat for everyone from Parisians to cruise ship holidaymakers for many years.
However, it is more than just a port and ships passing through! If you’re visiting Toulon, you will quickly notice that the city has many sandy beaches, shingle coves, and other wonderful things to do! like getting weed in Toulon. It really is one of the best places to visit in the south of France.
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Cannabis Laws in France- Cannabis laws in Toulon

Is weed legal in Toulon. France is among those countries that has one of the strictest cannabis policies in the European Union (EU).
But the irony is, it also has the highest consumption rate for cannabis in Europe. Is cannabis legal in Toulon? However weed is illegal in Toulon. Hence anyone found to be in possession of cannabis could face a minimum prison sentence of up to one year and a fine of $4,000.

Weed and hash are immensely popular drugs in Toulon. The prohibition of cannabis controls its production, import, and sale of recreational cannabis containing THC. There are few licensed dispensaries where you can get cannabis in Toulon.
Even though weed in Toulon remains one of the most popular drugs, it is illegal for personal or recreational use in France. But limited types of cannabis-derived products that are useful for medical use is permitted.
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How and Where to get weed in Toulon

In Toulon, weed is quite simple to find. However you must visit the popular tourist spots in the city. I suggest you go to Cours Lafayette and the Plages du Mourillon. The Moroccan or black guys there frequently sell weed and hash. Simply ask them, and they ought to be able to assist you. However hash is more accessible and less expensive than weed. The cost is often between 8-10 euros per gram, although it can change, particularly if you’re a visitor.
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