Weed in Antalya, Turkey

Find Weed in Antalya

Where to get weed in Antalya. Antalya is one of Turkey’s most popular seaside destinations. Situated on the Turkish Riviera and surrounded by varieties of luxury hotels and all-inclusive resorts. It’s normal for stoners to wanting to smoke marijuana when there’s wonderful food, pleasant weather, and beautiful beaches. However, Turkish drug laws are very strict, and Westerners will have a difficult time getting weed in Turkey (Antalya).

Cannabis laws in Turkey

Weed in Antalya; When it comes to drug legislation, Turkey is well-known for being strict. Possession of huge quantity will land you into prison terms. If the amount is minor, you may be able to get away with just probation or admission to a drug recovery program. However, you will still have to appear in court, which means you will most likely have to spend a few days in prison before your court date.

Smoking pot in Turkey is quite dangerous, and if you are caught, your vacation may be jeopardized. If you do decide to smoke, be very discreet and avoid doing so in public locations.
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How and Where to buy weed in Antalya

You’ll find it lot easier to obtain weed in Istanbul than you will in Antalya. If you don’t have the opportunity to visit Istanbul, you might be able to discover some in Antalya. You’ll have to question some locals, but be cautious because not everyone in Turkey is tolerant of marijuana use. Asking around in bars is your best bet. Weed quality and price are quite variable. You might expect to spend a little extra as a visitor, but weed normally costs 10 euros per gram.
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  1. It was kinda hell before when I got here until I met this guy at the hotel who gave me this dude contact his weed were pretty cool like ones from Cali. I was forced to asked him about the weed after trying them, he is a very open minded person. He had other stuffs too that which I won’t mention here, you can reach him at ” [email protected] “

  2. this steve buds guy is creative i have done payment and he instantly delivers to me after recieving the payment when i asked how the meetup works…

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