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Bragança, also known in English as Braganza, is a city and municipality in north-eastern Portugal. Hence capital of the district of Bragança, in the Terras de Trás-os-Montes subregion of Portugal. The population in 2011 was 35,341, in an area of 1173.57 km².
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Cannabis Laws in Portugal – Cannabis in Bragança

Is weed legal in Braganza; However cannabis is illegal in Portugal. But in 2001, Portugal became the first nation in the world to decriminalize the possession and use of marijuana. In an effort to combat drug abuse and reduce drug-related crime.

Under Portuguese law. Possession of minor amounts of narcotics for personal use, including weed in Braganza. It is a civil offense rather than a criminal one. This means that people caught with small amounts of illegal drugs may face fines or other civil penalties. But you will not face criminal charges or jail time.
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How and Where to buy weed in Braganza

Continue reading to see why I believe Braganza is a place to be. If you are considering traveling to Portugal and wondering: “Where and How to find weed in Braganza?”
The most frequent locations in Braga where individuals attempt to purchase marijuana in Braganza are popular tourist attractions. Places like Montesinho Natural Park and around Citadel of Bragança. But the issue with touristic hotspots is that there are many drug sellers that will trick you into buying phony narcotics in order to make gain. Since they believe there is no risk involve and are certain you won’t see them again.

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