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The Mediterranean island of Corsica is rugged and has rocky peaks (Monte Cinto is the tallest), chic seaside villages, and thick forests. The park that contains the difficult GR 20 hiking path encompasses about half of the island. From crowded Pietracorbara to secluded Saleccia and Rondinara, it has a variety of beaches. Despite being a part of France since 1768, it has kept its unique Italian culture. Hence weed in Corsica is not usually the best as compared to other countries.
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Cannabis Laws in France

Is weed legal in Corsica?; Cannabis use for both recreational and therapeutic uses is prohibited in France as of March 2023. Since Corsica is in France, it abides by French cannabis regulations..

Weed in Corsica. Cannabis manufacture, sale, and possession are all prohibited under French law. Depending on the amount of cannabis a person has in their hands, the penalty for possession can range from a fine to incarceration. Cannabis cultivation and sale are subject to harsher punishments, such 20 years in jail.

There is currently no sign that the government of France will legalize anytime soon. The French government maintains a rigid policy and doesn’t appear to be changing it.
You can share your ideas about weed in Corsica in the comment section below.

Where and How to buy weed in Corsica

It might be difficult to locate weed in Corsica because of its tiny size. Due to its closeness to Italy, hash is much more prevalent in Corsica. But unlike in Paris, there isn’t a location where you can go and buy marijuana. Instead, you’ll need some good fortune. There is a good likelihood that you may be asked to buy anything if you go out at night. Although it’s not always of the highest caliber, the location is too small to support a better weed culture.

Here are few general tips and tricks on how to buy weed in Corsica. These tips and tricks are valid all over the world. You might be using some of them already, yet you might find some inspiration.

-Be respectful towards the locals while buying weed in Corsica. Residents do appreciate respectful tourists. Smiling and being polite is a must. You may also benefit from learning a couple of French words; simple phrases such as ‘Bonjour’ can make a difference.
-Keep it low key while buying weed in Corsica . Try to avoid advertising too much your habits. Use your ‘stoner senses’ and your weed nose to choose the right people to talk to.
-Make some friends and gain their trust. Make friends with people at the beach, at the pub, or during an evening out. Get to know them and gain their trust. A couple of cold beers always help to loosen the screws at the back of the tongue.
-Avoid undercover officers. Yes, there are undercover cops in Corsica, just as anywhere else in the world. They might not be there to hassle tourists for buying a couple of grams of weed in Corsica, but they’ll not hesitate to fine you if you are too blatant about it.

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