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Dobrich is the 9th most populated city in Bulgaria. The administrative centre of Dobrich Province and the capital of the region of Southern Dobrudzha. It is located in the northeastern part of the country, 30 km west of the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast.
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Cannabis Laws in Bulgaria

Weed in Dobrich is illegal, both for medical and recreational purposes. It is classified as a class A (high-risk) drug, together with heroin, cocaine, amphetamines and MDMA.
Weed is common in Dobrich; an estimated 10% of young adults have tried the plant.

Possible Penalties:

Possession of any amount is illegal. But small amounts (such as a single joint) are considered a minor offense and subject to a fine. Consuming marijuana in Dobrich is an administrative offense, subject to a fine.
Possession of large amounts is a criminal offense that can incur one to six years in jail. While trafficking cannabis means you can face more years in jail.

How and Where to get weed in Dobrich

Despite weed is illegal in Bulgaria. Dobrich is well known for its drug addicts. The fact that almost every young person living in Dobrich smokes marijuana. Even though the laws against cannabis mean you can face jail time for possessing few grams here. But some people managed to score weed in Dobrich without any hassle.
Advice I’ve seen here before is to go to a very hipster bar or go to student areas. Hang about the smoking area. Follow your nose when ye catch a whiff, scope people out for a bit. Start up a conversation with them and ask. A friendly stoner will definitely sort you out with some top shelf marijuana in Dobrich.
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