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Find Weed in Gothenburg

After Stockholm, Gothenburg is Sweden’s second largest city. It has been increasingly popular with tourists in recent years, and the people are correct to do so. Aside from the fascinating culture, elegant architecture, and unusual cuisine, there is also a lively nightlife. Cannabis is banned in Gothenburg, as it is in the rest of Sweden. It isn’t the ideal spot to get weed in Gothenburg , but don’t be discouraged. Continue reading to learn more about our guide.

Cannabis laws in Sweden

It may surprise you to learn that cannabis is prohibited in Sweden, and the rules are quite tight. Possession, cultivation, and sale of weed can result in a fine or incarceration. It’s doubtful that you’ll get a sentence for having a few grams on you, but it’s a pain. Frequently, you will be escorted to the police station, where you will be required to fill out documents and may be subjected to a large fine and, in rare situations, prosecution. It’s inconvenient and time-consuming.
Sweedish people love to party and drink a lot, but cannabis is frowned upon by the elder generations, and it is considered taboo. Younger generations are far more accepting, but they do not write the laws.

Getting weed in Gothenburg

You won’t find sellers selling pot on the street because of the strict rules. Instead, the locals have a contact number that they phone, and you’ll need to discover some helpful locals. If you go about the Kungsparken in the summer, you may come across several youngsters smoking pot; simply approach them and ask for assistance. The majority of them are fluent in English. You should budget around 100SEK per gram of cannabis. You might wish to acquire hash instead of cannabis because there is a lot of it around. Again, be cautious because the cannabis rules in Sweden are strict.

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  1. It was kinda hell before when I got here until I met this guy at the hotel who gave me this dude contact his weed were pretty cool like ones from Cali. I was forced to asked him about the weed after trying them, he is a very open minded person. He had other stuffs too that which I won’t mention here, you can reach him at ” [email protected] “

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