Weed in Mumbai, India

Weed in Mumbai

Mumbai is a densely populated city on India’s western coast. While marijuana is not legal in India, it is extremely easy to obtain, particularly in Mumbai. This is a comprehensive guide to cannabis consumption and purchase in weed Mumbai, India.

Cannabis remains illegal, with sentences ranging from six months to two years in prison.

Cannabis laws in India

Though cannabis is technically illegal, it typically is not of great concern to local officials. It’s reported that dealers will openly sell their products on the street, with little to no repercussions. Oftentimes you can walk through various neighborhoods and smell the hash being freely smoked out on the street.

Cannabis Prices

Depending on where you purchase the cannabis, the prices will vary as well. In Colaba with cannabis, average prices range from 100 to 700 rupees (two to 10 dollars) per gram. However, if you know where to look, you can get moderate-quality weed for as little as 20 cents for a quarter ounce. Hash will be determined by the product’s quality. Average reported prices for a decent quality hash run at about 500 rupees (eight dollars) per five grams

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