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Riyadh, formerly known as Hajr al-Yamamah, is the capital and largest city of Saudi Arabia. It is also the capital of the Riyadh Province and the center of the Riyadh Governorate.
It is the largest city on the Arabian Peninsula. Hence it is situated in the center of the an-Nafud desert, on the eastern part of the Najd plateau. The city sits at an average of 600 meters (2,000 ft) above sea level, and receives around 5 million tourists each year, making it the forty-ninth most visited city in the world and the 6th in the Middle East. Riyadh had a population of 7.6 million people in 2019, making it the most-populous city in Saudi Arabia, 3rd most populous in the Middle East, and 38th most populous in Asia.
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Disclaimer: I don’t provide legal advice or encourage the use of cannabis or any other illicit substances.

Weed laws in the Saudi Arabia

The cultivation, sale, and possession of weed for recreational purposes are illegal in Riyadh. Possession of cannabis is highly illegal in Saudi Arabia and will lead to severe punishment.
We are not aware of any possible law changes in the (near) future in Saudi Arabia regarding medical and/or recreational cannabis.
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Getting weed in Riyadh

Weed in the usual form you might expect is hard or even impossible to find in Riyadh. However, hash oil which gives the same effects smoked is widely available. Most of the young people, especially men smoke hash oil, so simply approach them and ask, they should be able to help you. The best place to find weed in Riyadh is just to venture out and explore the city. However you might have your luck in the streets. You can walk up to someone smoking and ask them. Also you will see many shady looking fellows smoking weed in Riyadh in the parks. You will find low-quality weed, which is sold for high prices, especially if you are a tourist. The weed is awful quality and just not worth it, but you be lucky enough to get a dealer with Top quality cannabis. But note that it is highly illegal in Riyadh.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to get weed in parks?

Usually, not the best in my opinion, but it is safe as long as you stay discreet and don’t act too overt about it. Be careful of the cops around and you should be fine.

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