Weed in The Bahamas

Weed in The Bahamas:

If you are in The Bahamas and asking yourself: “Is weed legal in The Bahamas?”. Continue reading to see why I think The Bahamas is a good place for tourist hunting weed.
The Bahamas have become one of the world’s foremost summer vacation resorts. The archipelago attracts more than five times its population in tourists each year. However, the most frequent question asked by tourist whenever they come to The Bahamas is “can you smoke weed in The Bahamas” . However weed is very popular and can be sorted out by resort staffs.

Cannabis Laws in The Bahamas

Is weed legal in the Bahamas. Cannabis is currently illegal in the Bahamas. Just for having marijuana in your possession, you might face serious consequences, including imprisonment. It is far more unlawful to sell and produce marijuana, and doing so would almost surely land you in jail. However tourists are frequently being target by the authorities, since they often take bribes. If you are smoking weed in the Bahamas, you must be discreet and careful; avoid doing so in public areas.

Recently decriminalizing has been roaming around. This shows that the country is moving towards acceptance of cannabis.

Where and How to buy weed in The Bahamas

In the Bahamas, finding marijuana shouldn’t be too difficult. Despite being illegal, marijuana is widely accessible and available. Most likely, you’ll receive an offer to purchase some while traveling. There are a few groups of people that can almost always obtain you marijuana if no one else can. The staff at hotel are always willing to hook up tourist with weed in the Bahamas. Guys who work at the beach, such as those who rent jet skis, typically have a phone number you can contact to buy cannabis. Taxi drivers are a fantastic option as well, and the most of them will be able to assist you. The quality of weed here is poor since it is often outdoors weed. But the prices are relatively low. A gram shouldn’t cost more than $2–3 bucks.

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