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Find Weed in Lisbon:

Despite having much more to offer than simply cannabis, Portugal is a relatively tolerant nation. Amazing nightlife, architecture, and cuisine are adore by tourists in Lisbon. Nothing compares to taking in Lisbon while smoking a joint. Thus Four Twenty Avenue provides information regarding cannabis laws and how to buy weed in Lisbon.

Cannabis Laws in Portugal – Cannabis in Lisbon

Is it possible to buy weed in Lisbon legally. According to commonly circulating information, Portugal decriminalized all drugs, from marijuana to crack, in 2001. Following a significant pandemic in the 1990s, the policy change to treat drugs as a public health concern rather than a criminal one, in line with other nations. Hence making buying weed in Lisbon quite interesting. Although having less than a 10-day supply on you increases the likelihood that your drugs would be seize, this does not imply that narcotics are lawful. More potent dosages will mark you as a dealer and get you in legal problems.

The specifics of what happens if you find out depend greatly on the circumstances and the officer who discovers you, but if you are friends with them, you shouldn’t have any problems. Usually, marijuana is not a big deal to the police. Unless you act like a jerk, you could receive a fine for having a few grams, but it’s quite rare. Also buying huge amount of weed in Lisbon like 100 grams can land you into trouble.

How and Where to buy weed in Lisbon, Portugal

It’s not difficult to buy weed in Lisbon; simply go to Baixa and the Praca Martim Moniz. African guys around there often approach people and try to sell marijuana or hash. When making purchases on the street, exercise extreme caution since these people are dubious and pickpockets are frequently present. Also bear in mind that although the grade of the hash sold on the street is rather low, it typically gets you high.

Price of Weed and Hash in Lisbon: Hash is far more common in Lisbon than weed, and its quality is frequently superior as well. The cost of two grams of premium hash is roughly 12 euros, although foreigners are sometimes charge extra more. Also be ready to buy top quality weed in Lisbon for 15 euros per gram. Always double-check your purchases, because certain dealers have a history of taking advantage of tourists.

Kindly drop your experience on how and where you managed to get weed in Lisbon in the comment below.

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