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If you are planning a trip to Portugal and asking yourself: “Where and How to buy weed in Porto?”, continue reading to see why I think Porto is a place to be… One of the most popular travel destinations in both Portugal and Europe is Porto. It boasts a lovely historic city center, a world heritage site by UNESCO. Despite being Portugal’s second-largest city after Lisbon, Porto remains a crucial hub for the nation’s commerce and industry. However consuming marijuana while exploring the historic city is a great experience. Here is our guide on buying weed in Porto.

Cannabis in Laws Portugal – Cannabis in Porto

Portugal is well-known for decriminalizing all narcotics in 2001. This means that if you’re in possession of small amount of marijuana for personal use, you will not go to prison. Instead you may receive a fine base on your income. However, most people do not receive this. A personal use quantity of cannabis is 2.5 grams, so as long as you have less than that, you should be fine. Hence this makes buying weed in Porto very interesting.

Cannabis sales, cultivation, and trafficking are still illegal and can land you in serious problems. It’s also a good idea to avoid smoking in public settings. Despite its progressive decriminalization policy, Portugal does not have a medicinal marijuana program.
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Where and How to buy weed in Porto, Portugal

If you don’t know any locals, Ribeira Square, along the river, is a decent area to buy weed in Porto. It’s a popular neighborhood, with plenty of coffee shops and eateries. You should be able to see the vendors, who are mainly young Africans, if you go down the street. Simply walk up to them and inquire. Also Cordoaria Park is another nice spot to buy weed in Porto. It is a popular municipal park where many young people congregate. There are a lot of smokers there, and there are also a lot of drug sellers strolling around. However when buying weed on the streets in Porto, be cautious not to be trick. Hence always ask to view the weed first. The average cost of a gram of marijuana is around 10-15 euros.

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  1. It was kinda hell before when I got here until I met this guy at the hotel who gave me this dude contact his weed were pretty cool like ones from Cali. I was forced to asked him about the weed after trying them, he is a very open minded person. He had other stuffs too that which I won’t mention here, you can reach him at ” [email protected] “

  2. Thanks so much for the information details even though I got the pack a little late had so many bad experience before with other vendors Steve is surely God’s sent

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