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Find Weed in Curacao:

If you are in Curacao and asking yourself: “Is weed legal in Curacao?”. Continue reading to see why I think Curacao is a nice place for tourist searching for weed in the summer…
The Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao, renowned for its enormous coral reefs teeming. Also with marine life and its beaches nestled away in coves. The capital, Willemstad, has sand-floored Mikvé Israel-Emanuel Synagogue from the 17th century, floating Queen Emma Bridge, and colonial buildings in soft pastel colors. It serves as a gateway to western beaches like the well-known diving location of Blue Bay.

Cannabis Laws in Curacao

Is weed legal in Curacao. Despite being illegal in the Netherlands, marijuana is tolerated by the government, which many people are unaware of. Not much is different in Curacao, which is a Dutch territory. The police frequently turn a blind eye to tourists who are smoking joints despite the fact that it is against the law and that doing so might result in a heavy punishment. They also occasionally solicit for bribes.

There isn’t much cause for concern when smoking weed in Curacao, but you should still avoid doing so in public and attempt to keep your cannabis possession to a minimum.

How and Where to get weed in Curacao

Despite being illegal in the Curacao, You can easily find weed in Curacao. Visit Mambo Beach, stay around for a while, then approach a hip bartender there. The men at the laid-back beach bar or the nearby pubs can set you up.
Friendly young entrepreneurs can be found by the taxi stand or the end of the floating bridge. It’s every where but I do agree it’s easier if you know a local;-). ask around at Zanzibar.. But then again: I have not been on the Island in a while… Maybe ask a cab driver… 🤞 good luck

Kindly share your knowledge on how and where you managed to find weed in Curacao in the comment section below…

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