Weed in Lanzarote, Spain

Find Weed in Lanzarote:

One of the Spanish-managed Canary Islands, renowned for its beaches, year-round mild weather, and volcanic terrain. It is located off the coast of West Africa. The rocky terrain of Timanfaya National Park was produced by volcanic eruptions in the 1730s. A flow of molten lava created tunnels at Cueva de los Verdes. Whitewashed houses, beaches, and diving shops may be found at the east coast tourist city of Puerto del Carmen.
This page will definitely guide you on how to find weed in Lanzarote.

Cannabis Laws in Spain

Is it legal to smoke weed in Lanzarote; The figures per capita demonstrate that Spanish people enjoy consuming marijuana. Only the Netherlands has more lenient laws than some of those in Europe. Cannabis usage and growing are acceptable in private areas. Thanks to an intriguing constitutional flaw in Spain. This implies that you are free to use marijuana and cultivate it at home. But if the plants are on your balcony, that is against the law. Due to this loophole, cannabis clubs have emerged where members can legally purchase weed in Lanzarote. However, since most visitors can’t use those clubs to easily obtain good weed in Lanzarote, they are only open to members and frequently by invitation.

Public smoking of marijuana in Lanzarote is illegal, and if the police find you, you might receive a fine. However, it really depends on the police officer who finds you whether you’ll get away with a warning or not. In Lanzarote, it is advisable to exercise caution and avoid becoming overt with marijuana use.
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Where and How to buy weed in Lanzarote

Before diving deep into the guide, let’s go through a few general tips and tricks on how to buy weed in Lanzarote. These tips and tricks are valid all over the world. You might be using some of them already, yet you might find some inspiration to expand your tactical stoner arsenal.

Firstly, Be respectful towards the locals. Residents do appreciate respectful tourists. Smiling and being polite is a must. You may also benefit from learning a couple of Spanish words; simple phrases such as ‘buenos días’ and ‘gracias’ can make a difference. Hence it will help you in your search for weed in Lanzarote.

Also, Keep it low key when trying to buy weed in Lanzarote. Try to avoid advertising too much your habits. Use your ‘stoner senses’ and your weed nose to choose the right people to talk to. Speak to them once you’ve gained their trust and attention.

Make some friends and gain their trust. Make friends with people at the beach, at the pub, or during an evening out. Get to know them and gain their trust. A couple of cold beers always help to loosen the screws at the back of the tongue.

Avoid undercover officers. Yes, there are undercover cops in Lanzarote, just as anywhere else in the world. They might not be there to hassle tourists for buying a couple of grams of weed in Lanzarote, but they’ll not hesitate to fine you if you are too blatant about it. Again, use your stoner senses and keep away from agent Smith.

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