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Find Weed in Tahiti:

The biggest island in the South Pacific archipelago of French Polynesia is Tahiti. It is separated between Tahiti Iti, the eastern peninsula, and Tahiti Nui, the larger, western part. It is shaped like a figure-8. It’s a well-liked holiday spot since it has lagoons, waterfalls, black-sand beaches, and two extinct volcanoes.
If you are planning a trip to Tahiti and asking yourself: “Is weed legal in Tahiti?”. Continue reading to see why I think Tahiti is a place to be…

Cannabis Laws in French Polynesia

Is weed legal in Tahiti. Cannabis use for both recreational and therapeutic uses is illegal in Tahiti, as of March 2023. Since the island is in French Polynesia, it abides by French cannabis regulations..

Cannabis manufacture, sale, and possession are all prohibited under French law. Depending on the amount of cannabis a person has in their hands, the penalty for possession can range from a fine to incarceration. Cannabis cultivation and sale are subject to harsher punishments, such 20 years in jail.

There is currently no sign that the government of France or Tahiti will legalize anytime soon. The French government maintains a rigid policy and doesn’t appear to be changing it.

How and Where to get weed in Tahiti

The best location is actually “Raiatea” on the Uturoa side of the island. It is 40 minutes away by plane and costs $130 (a good plan if you’re staying in a stealth hotel). It takes a day by boat and costs $30. Hence the trip is not recommended—I mean, don’t do it unless you’re only there for this. You may find any type here, including amnesia, bubble, skunk, whitewidow, northernlight, ultrahaze, and bubble. Just ask young Tahitians when you arrive where to obtain marijuana, also known as pakalolo or cannabis.
Few places and tips where you can get weed in Tahiti are:
– Bridge next to the commercial center “Carrefour” in Punauiaa, also in front of it ” Master Price” opposite from Carrefour. A little on the right of the building a lot of kids on bicycle and group of teens loiters around, just ask them.
Also next to the university ,isep, you’ll see dark cars circling around. If it those it twice make yourself noticeable or wait a little a dealer may approach you…
– If you’re in a desperate situation, don’t worry because there is the best place in Faaa next to the airport on the left when you leave; when you get to the pharmacy, which is very close to the airport, start asking teens and kids on bikes and keep asking until you get to “Heirii district”; you won’t miss it. On the way, try going through weary alleys with teens; if you’re daring and damn desperate, you can buy in front of the Carrefour

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