Weed in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Find Weed in Galapagos Islands:

If you are in Ecuador and asking yourself: “Is weed legal in the Galapagos Islands?”. Continue reading to see why I think Galapagos Islands is a nice place for tourist…
A volcanic archipelago in the Pacific Ocean, known as the Galápagos Islands. Also regarded as one of the top locations in the world for wildlife-viewing. It is an Ecuadorian province that is located around 1,000 kilometers off its coast. A variety of plant and animal species, many of which are unique to this area. Hence are protected by its remote topography. During his 1835 expedition, Charles Darwin saw the species of the Galápagos. Which eventually served as the basis for his theory of evolution.
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Cannabis Laws in Ecuador

Weed in the Galapagos Islands. Cannabis is still pretty much illegal in Ecuador. However bringing foreign plants to the island is specially prohibited by the law. To try to keep Galapagos species out of harm the government takes special precautions about the stuff you can bring to the islands. Basically, here is what you need to know about cannabis in Latin America and Ecuador.

The cannabis market, offering an array of diverse products. That varies between recreational and medicinal use. While medicinal use is more common. Recreational use of cannabis is expected to increase, alongside increasing tolerance and formal legalization worldwide.

Where and How to get weed in Galapagos Islands

It is important to know that weed is illegal in the Galapagos Islands. Hence it is impossible for me to provide you information about cannabis dealers in the islands, but there are a few. Tourist do manage to buy some weed in Santa Cruz, but the best way to go about it is to go party in places like Bongo or any of the big clubs in the island and ask around. Most of the weed arrive to Galapagos by plane or boat. This means it is all illegal. This information its not something you would have access to by any normal means. Also, you always have to be careful since it is such a small island that nobody wants to be obvious about it.

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